Toyota Coaster 21 Seaters With Driver

We only supply Deluxe Toyota Coaster buses with plush velour seating, tinted windows, ducted air conditioning, and PA systems. We guarantee the coaster’s reliability 100%.
Toyota Coaster 21 Seaters With Driver

Toyota Coaster 21 Seaters With Driver

Milage: 18 kmpl

Performance: Sound Insulation

Interior design: Modern

Safety: Airbags included

Engine: 2.8L DOHC Turbo-Diesel with a 6-speed automatic transmission

Seats: 22 PVC and Fabric Seats

You can use our TV plates to travel in the transit lane and park close to the event you’re attending. It’s priceless to have extras like these on a rainy day! Fuel savings are ensured by the powerful diesel engine, while safety is enhanced by the exhaust brake system. Try booking our safe driver with Toyota Coaster.