Iftar in Dubai – An unmissable experience for Ramadan 2023

There are differences in traditions around the world regarding Ramadan, but the suhoor and iftar routine is the same everywhere. At sunset, we break our fast with dates, water, fruits, and other wholesome meals.

Occasionally, however, you feel like trying something different. Tantalize your taste buds during iftar. The dates of Ramadan in 2023 are 22 March to 21 April (subject to moon sightings). Thus, today we will look at some of the best iftar restaurants in Dubai, the upscale United Arab Emirates.

15 Best Iftars in Dubai for 2022

We prepared the list of fifteen best restaurants from all over Dubai that includes the taste from all around the world. If you’re planning to arrange an iftar party with your family or friends, then hiring a personal safe driver would be the best solution to reach your favorite restaurant. Due to high traffic, you may be exhausted before reaching your destination.

For all Dubai residents or those lucky enough to visit it during Ramadan, here are the 15 best iftar buffets in the city for a unique Ramadan experience.

1. Bab Al Shams

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa in Dubai offers a luxury iftar buffet. Iftar is one of the most popular and highly frequented places in Dubai. Why shouldn’t it be? Various seafood, meats, vegetarian and Arabic dishes are offered at almost 10 live cooking stations.

As well as the food, the arrangement, the live music, and the overall atmosphere of Bab Al Shams, its location along the edge of the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve makes it one of Dubai’s hottest iftar spots.

Location: Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

Cost: 299 AED

Timing: From iftar till 10:00 pm

Instagram: @babalshamshotel

2. Anise

There is nothing better than a luxury iftar buffet that offers an elaborate variety of dishes from all cuisines. You’ll find it all at Anise!

Anise is truly a lavish place for iftar in Dubai with the finest Arabic specialties from North Africa and Levantine, several international selections, and 8 live cooking stations.

Timing: From iftar till 8:30 PM

Cost: 275 AED / 125 AED Children 6 to 12 years

Location: InterContinental Dubai Festival City

Instagram: @anisedubai

3. Baharat

A delicious iftar buffet is available at Baharat in Dubai. Baharat’s buffet isn’t like any other buffet. Why? For a satisfying meal, it offers a variety of grilled meats. You will find everything you need for a hearty iftar, from barbecued specialties to succulent kebabs.

Timing: From iftar till 8:30 PM

Cost: 199 AED

Location: Sheraton Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha

Instagram: @sheratonmoe

4. Al Hallab

What about a Lebanese affair in Dubai?

Al Hallab offers a set iftar menu with several dishes at its Lebanese restaurant. You can break your fast here with different dates, followed by a soup of the day, mezze, pastries, barbecue meats, desserts, and coffee.

Overall, it offers a wide variety of healthy iftar options.

Timing: From iftar till 9:00 PM

Cost: 140 AED

Location: Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, & Bab Al Bahr

Instagram: @alhallabuae

5. Farzi Cafe

Farzi Cafe offers savory Indian iftar dishes all the way from India!

You can break your fast with fresh fruits and dates on the menu. Afterward, you will enjoy chicken tikka, lamb chops, dal makhani, butter chicken, rice, and naan for the main course. It’s a delicious meal that you won’t forget!

Timing: From iftar till 9:00 PM

Cost: 149 AED

Location: Dubai City Walk II & Mall of the Emirates

Instagram: @farzicafe

6. Asateer Tent

Asateer Tent offers one of the finest and most lavish iftar buffets in Dubai! It’s all about food at this Iftar place. You’ll enjoy a luxurious dining experience at Asateer’s Moroccan, Lebanese, Persian, and Emirati restaurants. The menu features everything from piping hot meats, shawarma stations, grilled platters, chocolate fountain, Umm Ali, and Kunafa.

Asateer has a truly magnificent ambiance and layout. The restaurant has more than 100 dining tables, and guests can arrange their seating according to their needs. You won’t want to miss this iftar buffet experience if you’re new to Dubai.

Timing: From iftar onwards

Cost: 240 AED Weekdays / 260 AED Weekends

Location: Atlantis, The Palm

Instagram: @asateertent


You can learn more about Ramadan traditions at this iftar in Dubai, specifically designed for tourists! Visitors to Dubai can experience Ramadan’s true essence and UAE culture through the Ramadan Iftar Program at SMCCU (Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding).

After dates and Arabic coffee, the main course consists of a variety of Emirati dishes. Dessert and tea are served at the end of the event. Moreover, there is a fun activity area for the kids, so you can enjoy your iftar while they play. The whole experience is brilliantly immersive for those unfamiliar with Ramadan and Islamic culture.

Timing: From iftar till 9:00 PM

Cost: 185 Dhs

Location: Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

Instagram: @smccudubai

8. Asil

Asli offers one of the finest iftar in Dubai all over the Middle East.

This restaurant offers a set five-course iftar menu, which includes soup of the day, salads, mezze, a meaty main course, and dessert. What could be better than a delicious meal, a pleasant atmosphere, and live music? Is there anything more one could ask for?

Cost: 230 Dhs

Timing: From iftar till 8:30 PM

Instagram: @aslidubai

9. Giardino

Do you want to experience a luxury iftar buffet in the middle of a jungle? One of the best buffets in Dubai can be found at the Giardino restaurant, a jungle-themed restaurant.

Despite the amazing setting, the buffet is even better! This restaurant has many kinds of salads, unlimited juices, and live cooking stations for a true jungle experience. It also serves Middle Eastern and international cuisine.

Location: Palazzo Versace Dubai

Cost: 250 AED

Timing: From iftar till 8:30 pm

Instagram: @giardinodubai

10. Timo

Timo is a great place for iftar in dubai that fuses Arabic and Asian cuisine!

Among the most popular dishes are chicken musakhan, lamb ouzi, a variety of juicy kebabs, shish taouk, lamb sujuk, and tandoori shrimp.

Location: Al Jadaf Rotana

Cost: 185 AED

Timing: From iftar till 10:00 PM

Instagram: @timorestaurant

11. Nosh

Dubai’s culinary scene is dominated by Arabic cuisine, but mix it with some international favorites, and you’ve got your hands on a tempting variety!

You’ll find kousa mahshi, Lebanese airan, shish barak, lamb ouzi, jellab, shish taouk, and a variety of refreshing drinks at Nosh. In the dessert section, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with baklava and luqaimat.

Location: Movenpick, Jumeirah Lake Towers

Cost: 195 AED

Timing: From iftar till 10:30 PM

Instagram: @movenpickhotelburdubai

12. 11 Woodfire

11 Woodfire has made a name for itself in just a few months through its delicious menu and excellent service.

A set menu for iftar includes Emirati Kholas dates, cold tamarind juice, and green salad with pomegranates. Slow-roasted lamb is served with rice cooked in lamb broth and pineapple pachri on the side. You’ll find a rich dark chocolate cake made without flour, milk ice cream, and dates in the dessert section.

Location: Beach Road, Jumeirah 1 (adjacent to Mercato Mall)

Cost: 220 AED for 2 people

Timing: From iftar onwards

Instagram: @11woodfire

13. Antika

There are some of the best iftar buffets in Dubai that offer a variety of cuisines. Let’s take Antika as an example. Iftar can be started with a delicious and healthy soup such as the classic lentil soup, the creamy mushroom soup, the savory pumpkin soup, or the nourishing vegetable soup.

For a comfortable ride till antika restaurant, hire an hourly driver to enjoy delicious salads and mezze selections including hummus, sweet potato harra, and sujok. With freshly baked bread, the main course consists of grilled chicken, lamb cutlets, and octopus. It’s a wholesome and satisfying meal!

Timing: From iftar till 10:00 PM

Cost: 250 AED

Location: Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC

Instagram: @antikadubai

14. Sagar Ratna

Sagar Ratna offers the most divine experience regarding the traditional Indian thali.

Its exotic and savory dishes include paneer tikka masala, daal makhani, and paneer angar served with fresh naan roti or Indian bread. A delicious mixed fruit platter is served with makhaniya lassi and rose sherbet.

Location: Oud Metha & JLT

Cost: From30 AED

Timing: From iftar till 9:00 PM

Instagram: @sagarratnadubai

15. The Canteen

Here’s a restaurant that has it all!

With a mix of Middle Eastern, Indian, and international cuisine, the Canteen offers an exquisite iftar experience. For meat lovers, there are famous lamb ouzi, grilled sea bass, chicken kabsa, chicken tikka, grilled beef with mushrooms, and daal tadka.

Timing: Iftar till 8 pm

Cost: 155 AED

Location: Aloft, Dubai Creek, Deira

Instagram: @lacantinedubai

The Final Take

While having a healthy suhoor at home is done and it’s time to go out, enjoying a variety of meals at the best places for iftar is what you are looking for the whole month of Ramadan. Hiring a personal driver monthly service is introduced by safedryver to let you enjoy your life in style.

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